The average time to conduct a search is 60 to 90 days, contingent upon the hiring process of the client and the professional commitments of the chosen candidate. Upon appointment of Lee Koehn Associates, our process is as follows:


We work with your management team to establish a clear, detailed position description. This important document includes the incoming executive’s responsibilities, reporting relationships and compensation range, as well as the ideal candidate’s skills, experience and personality profile.

We also examine the company’s objectives and corporate culture in order to refine the search parameters focusing on such areas as corporate restructuring, market positioning and long-term business development.


Our research efforts are comprehensive and tailored to each assignment. We begin by identifying individuals within target companies, nationwide and internationally, if necessary, who may either assist us in our search or be responsive themselves to recruitment. We accomplish this by conducting research using our database, information networks, and our own corporate contacts within appropriate industries.

Recruiting and Screening

Once our research has revealed a group of possible candidates, we make direct contact to determine their suitability and interest. Qualified contenders are then telephone interviewed to obtain an assessment of their accomplishments, capabilities and potential. Only realistic prospects are invited to a field interview.

Assessment and Presentation

We evaluate the results of this initial screening process and establish a list of semi-finalists based on their professional achievements, and how well they appear to fit our client’s position specification and corporate culture.

In clear, succinct profiles of these candidates, we detail their current situation, past experience, skill set and performance record in the areas that directly apply to the position. Those who emerge as best qualified are then presented for final interviews and evaluation.


Once a few top choices have been selected, we thoroughly and discreetly check personal, professional and academic qualifications. This is done by verifying documents and talking with individuals who are or have been, in positions to evaluate the candidate’s performance on the job. Sources may include superiors/board members, peers and subordinates. References and evaluations are then combined to provide frank, objective appraisals of the candidates.

Negotiations and Hiring

We assist in the hiring process by arranging formal interviews and by providing ongoing advice and negotiating services on issues including compensation, relocation and management transition. Often times, we play an important role in finding creative ways to overcome last-minute obstacles on both sides.


Throughout the search process, we maintain regular contact with our client. We follow up with both client and candidate after completion of the assignment not only to ensure that both parties are satisfied, but also to remain abreast of our client’s activities so that we are prepared to assist in future management needs.

“We have had continual success partnering with Lee Koehn and Associates to recruit senior and mid-level executive talent. The time taken up front to fully understand each position’s requirements and our company’s dynamics and culture saved countless hours on the back end and has resulted in 100% successful recruitment of key executives that have hit the ground running.”

Michael Yatros
EVP – Chief Client Relations and
Operations Officer
PSCU Financial Services
St. Petersburg, Florida     

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