Professional Fee

Our fees are non-contingent, based upon a fixed amount negotiated with the client. This is generally calculated according to the incoming executive’s first-year compensation. If, at the conclusion of the search the compensation is different from initial assumptions, our fee may be adjusted up or down to reflect the change.


In addition to our professional fee, the client is responsible for expenses directly related to the search assignment such as travel, lodging and meals. Travel and interviewing expenses for candidates are also borne by the company. Be assured that all expenses are handled conservatively and that prior approval is obtained for major costs.

Billing Procedures

Our professional fee is billed in three equal installments. The first invoice is submitted at the start of the engagement. The second installment is invoiced 40 days after initiation of the search assignment. The final portion of the fee is billed upon successful completion of the search. Expenses are billed on a monthly basis.


We are committed to our client’s satisfaction. Should a selected candidate leave or be fired for cause within one year of the employment date, Lee Koehn Associates will reinitiate the search, charging only out-of-pocket expenses.


Either party may discontinue an assignment by written notification. In the unlikely event that this occurs, the client would only be responsible for the fee, prorated on the basis of one percent (1%) of the total per calendar day to the date of termination, plus expenses.

"We are impressed with Lee's thoroughness, professionalism and the ability to successfully source candidates for tough to fill jobs."

Brent Stanley
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
PG&E Corporation

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